21st Century Dating … HASHTAG dont believe the HYPE!

What an eventful week I have had.

It was my birthday – Happy Birthday to me! ..And to celebrate another year older – I joined a dating website, ha! To call it a dating website is a bit rich – swipe, swipe, swipe, like, like, match, ‘send message?’ nope keep playing, swipe, swipe ….  its endless.

I ask myself – How has such a site been allowed to exist, have we all become such self obsessed, shallow, vain creatures that we now dismiss people on whim?

Not to mention cowardly, its easy to laugh with your friends as you swipe no to the ugly girl/guy posing with a sedated tiger (seriously what is the deal with the tiger pictures?) but would you have the nerve to do it in real-life? Yes I know people get knocked back all the time but not in the ego-crushing way such a website allows.

So we are no longer giving personality a chance?

Let me tell you about my experience, after a lot of hype from friends, I succumbed and I joined on 4th June. The registration is so simple all you need is a Facebook account – but ofcourse Facebook! I should have known Facebook had something to do with it, how can life function without The Great Facebook!

So anyway registration should be simple right?! Wrong! One problem .. I don’t have a Facebook account, I deactivated it over 3 years ago. Surely there must be another way of registering to confirm who you are … Phone number? Email address? Mothers maiden name? First pet .. I searched all FAQ’s but alas Facebook is the only way! So eager to experience this new dating frenzy, I reactivated my account and confirmed who I was.

The pictures and bio were synched from my Facebook and that was that, away I go – ready to swipe at my hearts content! very reluctantly I swiped, with not much enthusiasm at first then I got my first match about 10 swipes in – Now, I’m not going to lie, it felt good, I liked someone and they liked me back. it was a good feeling! Then another match and 2 more after that.

I was hooked! it was a parade of people good, bad, ugly with the occasional tigers (seriously what is with the tiger pictures?) I swiped for a solid half an hour until I called it a night.

The following morning at work I swiped, on the bus I swiped, train, swipe, bathroom break swipe, swipe, swipe, mindlessly swiping …And I got a few matches … I was up to 7 at this point – but not a single message! – So what was the point? I like you, you like me but we won’t message one another – what kind of dating website is this?

Then it hit me, this isn’t a dating website for serious people, although there are some genuines the majority, as I soon found out, were just looking for a ‘good time’ and/or  ‘play thing’

So on that note 4 days after opening my account I deleted it. And subsequently deactivated my Facebook account. All is once again right with the world.

Such sites may prove to be popular in the modern world and yes its fun and addictive. But lets call a spade a spade. This is not a dating site, but a game!

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